Stat Wipe Event 11/18/14

Monkman AS posted Sun at 17:01
Greeting's Community!

This Tuesday at 5:00 P.M CST (Central Time) we will be conducting our Monthly Stat Wipe Event. Every month we clean out our stat database, to help the server, and to also make it a better experience for you as a player. I know it's not a favorable option for those of you that have racked up large sums of money, but the point of the game is to make money and have fun doing it!

To make this transition as easy and fun as possible for everyone, we hold an event in which for ONE HOUR all crime is legal. Similar to what you would call a Purge Event. Now the rules entail that there is still NO killing in green zone, and to not camp the green zones. The point is for everyone to have fun, and be given a chance to head out and get some crime going or whatever you would like to do! There will be NO ESU, and cops will not be responding to, nor upholding any laws. It's just a big FFA (Free for All) for ONE hour! Hope to see you guys on, and have fun!

Any questions may be directed to me or staff for any further information, Thank you.

Super Administrator,



Staff interviews

itsmylife A posted Nov 14, 14
Do you Want to be staff?
Come tomorrow  15/11 in 3:30 PM EST to the interview room.
Make sure you have good Helper Application
Make sure to re-read the rules
Make sure to bring your "A" game!

Good Luck,
Head Admin IML

Today at 7 pm estern time we will be hosting a RP event on the server. This will includes all cops, ESU, and civs to play there part. The parade will start at PD/ESU base and will end at the Jail. We will stop at civ spawn to do a 7 gun salute to the fallen soldiers of all country's. We will have many army trucks and more being should off and also with the appearance of the thunder birds as they fly over civ spawn. IF YOU ATTEMPT TO KILL SOMEONE IN THE PARADE YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR FAIL RP OR EVEN PERM-BANNED.  


If you would like to drive a army truck in the parade open a Private chat with me shades in TS and we will go from there!

And have a good day! 


I don't know what you guys are complaining about, I love the update for enijn
Wtf is going on with enijn?
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Well replaying to forum topics is fun for a while ... *Sigh* Well heres a glich I found while playing a3 Dk how to activate it but fun ! [link]
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