I wanted to go ahead and remind once again that we have a PD suggestion form, you have anything you think would better the PD, please let us know. 

PD Suggestion Form

Also changes to the jail times and the tickets fines have been updated following recent server update. We added some as well about a month ago. So all officers please note all the changes in the link below. 

Jail Times/Tickets Changes 

If you have any questions, just get with me on TeamSpeak 

Chief - Darkshifter

We will be conducting our Monthly Stat Wipe this Wednesday at 6pm CST!

Were going to be doing the purge this Wednesday for the stat wipe.

Rules are as follows:

-No god mode, tags, teleport, revive, or pgspawn during play for admins.
-No rules are enforced during this 1 HOUR event.
-Green zones are still NO KILL ZONES.
-RDM is legal, everyone can be kill on site outside the green zones.
-Again every rule is out the window for this event, you can kill or terrorize players at will. OUTSIDE GREEN ZONES. Admins will be enforcing green zone areas for players to be given the chance to leave and conduct their business.

Any other questions, talk to me and we will get it taken care of.


The Cicada Bank is sending a load of money from west civ spawn to east civ spawn...
The Cops must keep the money out of the hand of the drug dealers and gang's...
the drug dealers and gang's are looking to get there hand's on this money (over $2,000,000)...
ESU will be on Hand to save your life ESU is not to be SHOOT KILLED OR VDM....
VDM will be 100% illegal. RDM is okay however must only be done towards the opposing side (bank truck or police if civ)

The truck will be making 1 stop along the way at an unknown place until it on the move again..

ANY ARMED civ with in 100m of the bank truck will be at risk of being shot any cops with in 100m are at same risk..
ALL heli's are at risk of being shot down with 2/2 warnings if caught within 200m of the bank truck.Bank truck is a no fly zone...

Attacking the bank truck will land in jail for 60 mins NO BAIL....
COP to CIV for the RP will not work there can be as many cops online as there wish but cops and civ only have 1 life....
THE Bank will be closed and fail RP to rob it or take a hostage where this event is going on...
gang of 5 MAX but 2 gang max may work with each other for a max of 10 people but all civ may attack at same time and fight it out to win...


-Aldred and Lt.scouts


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