Teamspeak server is back!

Idris posted Wed at 1:52
Alright guys, TEAMSPEAK AND THE GAME SERVER is backup... for now...

~RLRPG Staff Team
* The community meeting will be held on September 6th, 2014 at 6:00 PM EST. Hosted by Derp.

* I would like everyone in the community who can make it to please take part in the meeting.

* The meeting could last over an hour. It will consist of a lot of information about the next chapter in the community. Don't be alarmed it's all change and moving forward for the better.

* I will be recording the meeting also and uploading it to YouTube for the ones who miss it. There will also be a Q/A session held during the meeting, but I'd like to keep spam to a minim so if you can please post them in the comment section below.

My Random Absence

Terance P posted Sep 1, 14
I Terance P., Once a Head Administrator is now gone. These reasons are that I do not feel welcome here as I once did. I did not know what my reason was here, nor was I told. I had asked my self if I would be missed if I left, well from all that people have said on the Teamspeak behind my back, even my own admins... Which I do not understand... They would not notice me gone, but for those "Admins" that wished I was gone, well guess what your "Dream" has just become true. I though leaving this community I would be happy.... Well it appears that I am leaving with disgrace from everyone. As a head administrator I though I was helping the staff team, doing what I can to make this place better for everyone. Seems to me that I was wrong. I was never taught on how to be a Head Admin, that is what everyone doesn't understand. You may say I am doing my job wrong, well you may be right. How would I know to do this right or correct, if all they did was give me a tag and office... Which I sat in not knowing what to do with this job. That is all I did, no one came to just to talk, or how to help the community out, it was always I need this guy banned or this admin stole my cookie. Things that any admin could do. Well I took enough space here on this page, and sorry for that. I wish.... I could stay.... just seems like no one else wanted me to... My 8 Months here are now over, any my 7 Month staff trip is over. This place was a big part of my life, and great memories which I will never forget. Thank you to all that liked me, and for the staff team, or anyone really... that I hope some of you will learn that anything said on a teamspeak server about someone will always come back to the that person its about... All of you will be missed...


Does anyone know how long it will be till my helper app is rejected/accepted? its been 3 weeks now
and no it's not my internet. So i ask again, are we actually getting a new server box or is it all just talk?
right now I cant even get on the server without getting those messages, so basically i can't play on the server at all
the only reason i ask is this is because now i can no longer play on the server, because ii'm once again getting "no message received" followed by thie message: connection to host has been lost
here's a question, are we actually getting a new server box or is it all just talk?
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