Today 19/10/14 helper apps are officially REOPENED
All apps until now got rejected and You all are invited to Resubmit them.
Wish You all the best luck, thank You for Your support and good luck to You all.

-Zoex and all of the Senior Staff

The purge is coming

itsmylife AO posted Sat at 15:22
Hey community,

In about 30 minutes, we are going to have a community meeting, followed up with a purge in the server. Purge basicly is - no rules on the server.
Then we are going to move the server to the new box forever.
Sadly we have to stats wipe, but it's for the best. We are going to have a better uptime, better everything!

thanks for trying,
RLRPG Staff Team.

Hey guys,
Helper application are closed for the time being.
we need to organize our staff before accepting more helpers

thanks for trying,

RLRPG Staff Team.


I think ts is having a bit of a derp
nvm was just me lol
ts go down or just me?
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Jury I was listening to them just now, they are awesome!!! Keep up the good work I see them going far!
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