Dear Community, 


We will be having a community wide meeting this upcoming Saturday !

We would like everyone that can to attend. (1/1/2015 5PM EST)

Derp will be there to discuss the future of this great community


-Love CP

Vehicle Saver Changes!

CP3088 A posted Jan 23, 15

Greetings Community

We have made it so that if you want to save your Car, Boat, Plane or Helicopter you need to bring it within 30 meters (50 for air) of the vehicle retrieve for that vehicle to save it.

ESU meeting 1/16/15

Shades A posted Jan 14, 15
There will be a ESU meeting on Friday 1/16/15 at 6 pm eastern time.  All ESU members are to attend for we will be announcing some new things that are coming and changing ESU. If you cant attend the meeting please PM or poke a Command Staff member your reason.  If you have any questions please save them for the meeting.    

ESU Command Staff


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I agree with Red lol "Copyrights" to animal
I agree with Red lol
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